Wheelchair Accessible Portable Shower Stall Standard Model


LiteShower_Standard Additional images are of accessories included and product features. The patent-pending LiteShower Wheelchair Accessible Portable Shower Stall is designed for people who desire a low-cost, more flexible solution than a complete makeover of their shower. It allows a person in wheelchair to take a shower bath anywhere at home where warm water is within reach – in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the bedroom, or in a hotel room. The standard model allows a person to sit in a shower wheelchair or on a bench during bathing. Features: -Wheelchair-accessible shower. -Safe and effective as a remodeled accessible shower. -Costs only a small fraction comparing to remodeling. -Requires no professional installation. -Can setup it up very easily and quickly. -Folds away to save space when not in use, you can take it with you during travel. -Not affect your home resale value. -Can be setup at a convenient open space in your home to avoid narrow doors, stairs, and tight turns. -Includes handheld shower sprayer with faucet adaptor, self-contained foldable shower tray, foldable shower enclosure with sliding curtains, and special waste water drain pump. -Handheld shower sprayer has on/off control button. -Shower hose connects to standard indoor faucet via quick-connect adaptor in a single snap action. -Shower hose can also connect to existing shower via diverter valve. -Shower tray requires no setup and is wheelchair access. -Walls collapse to the floor under pressure but automatically restore back for water retention afterwards. -Shower enclosure is made of a pair of free-standing, bi-fold shower screens snapping together. -Folds completely flat. -Sliding shower curtains open and close on all four sides. -On-demand water pump is self-prime and can run dry without damage. -Has build-in filter. -Requires no tool to assemble. -Pump sits outside the shower tray, has suction hose secured in the tray, and discharge hose going to the sink or toilet. -Made in USA. Specifi


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