Lifestyle Solutions Watford Armchair Microfiber, Coffee


Lifestyle Solutions is committed, from design to delivery, to crafting quality home-decor furniture for apartments and homes that improves your space. Our Watford collection combines elegant style, luxurious comfort, and functionality into one piece. The minimalist style fits seamlessly into any design plan. This rolled-arm living-room chair, with its thick, luxurious cushions, will wrap you in comfort all day long. You can truly feel at ease living alongside this durable piece.

We know that life happens. If you spill something on this chair, just spot clean with a dry cloth, soap, and water. For maintenance, flip the cushions and use the brush attachment on your vacuum to pick up any dirt particles. With proper care, you’ll have an affordable, durable sitting chair that feels like a luxury. No tools are required for assembly, and the pieces simply snap together. Try the entire Watford collection, complete with a full-size couch and loveseat, for a sleek living-room furniture set.

Whether you need some apartment furniture or to furnish a house, Lifestyle Solutions has options for you. Regardless of the price point, we ensure that each piece is crafted with care to be comfortable and durable. Quality and comfort are our top priorities. We believe that when you invest in your home, you invest in yourself. Craft your perfect space with Lifestyle Solutions.


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